1. Enable Force Control.
  2. Create a Sphero account if you do not already have one. If you are creating a new Sphero account, please make sure to verify your email address. You can sign up for a new Sphero account by clicking here.


  3.  Next you will want to create an IFTTT account. When you create an IFTTT account please make certain that the username matches your Sphero username. Please click here to create an IFTTT account.


  4. Search for the Force Band channel on the IFTTT site and add one of the applets. 
  5. Once you have add the applet wait a few minutes and then navigate back to https://authorizer.platform.sphero.com/signin. You should now see IFTTT listed. Please see the screenshot below 

      6. Next Select Force Control in Force Band app. You will need to sign into the Force Control feature using the same login you created for IFTTT.

Once you sign in with the correct login you should see the following screen and select "I'm Ready"

You should be able to use the Force Control feature. If you perform a successful "Force Push" or "Force Pull" you should see a notification similar to the screen below.

*please note that you must perform a "Force Push" or "Force Pull" before you perform a "Force Stop".

If you have any questions or concerns, please follow the link to open a new support ticket.

Or feel free to contact us at your convenience:


Email: support@sphero.com